ISO 10015


ISO 10015

ISO 10015 is a quality standard in training developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from national standards organizations. 

Training can sometimes receive a lot of criticism for not addressing real organizational needs. 

When economic times are tough, it is often the first budget that is either reduced or removed altogether - its sustainable benefits ignored in favour of short-term financial gain.








How can management guarantee the effectiveness of their training programs?

The International Institute

for Standardization has issued the ISO 10015 – Quality of Training

standard. Most managers know about ISO from the ISO 9001 and

ISO 14000 certifications. The ISO 10015 is a separate technical

standard, now being used by many Asian and EU companies.

The ISO 10015 standard can be used by all organizations and helps

address common concerns about company training programs


According to long & valuable experience of AGS in conducting of different training courses in the field of management systems & relevant techniques, our organization provides  audit & certificate  issuance of ISO10015 . The companies which expected the added value from conducting of their different training courses can establish this standard.



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